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Platform - Game Server:

PC/Mac - North America

Player Personality:

Deadheads & flower-sniffing hippies welcome! LGBT-friendly atmosphere.


While some of our players are dedicated to "static groups" or solo-minded, others are open to grouping.

We typically complete optional objectives and read dialogues. Zerging is strongly discouraged except for unanimous party choice. We attempt to gather up the party at doorways, bridges, and switchbacks until party members are healed or buffed if appropriate.

Any character level (newbies or vets) and all classes welcome.

Guild Bank:

  • We expect you to learn one copy then return the rest of the stack to the guild bank when it comes to motifs, recipes, furnishing plans and the like.
  • Please deposit an item of the same quality as the items you withdraw; i.e. if you take a set piece then deposit another set piece not for your build rather than vendor trash that benefits no one. If everyone withdraws the good stuff and deposits lesser items then soon the bank only has junk!
  • During festival times, please remember to share some of the rewards especially if you've taken any of the coffers and special recipes at other times of the year to learn them sooner.
  • While you are welcome to use one or two Legendary or Gold items (most often from festivals and special events so can only be replaced during brief windows at certain times of the year), please do not take more of such rare items unless you've also shared your excess bounty of such things with the guild. They are here to supplement your efforts and provide easier access to the item(s) that RNG seems to just deny your charcter during the event. So get what you missed, but only if you also share your duplicates!
  • Do NOT take items for deconstruction or sale. Such an action violates the guild personality and will have your membership placed on probation. Items are shared for use, not profit.


We hope to form long-term friendships amongst like-minded folk. Guild chat is a friendly, helpful atmosphere with no bashing or personal attacks.

Our guild's Discord server can be easily recognized with the logo inspired by "the sky was yellow and the sun was blue." If you are a guild member already, please message Teva#5561 to give you "membership" permission in Discord's settings so you can use our channels more easily & effectively. No software download necessary.

Join us in the Guild Talk channel for game topics or The Hang Out for non-game talk.

Feel free to invite the rest of your party to use the raid party channel or one of the reserved party-based channels (just please let them know we have limited slots at present, so they may only use our server when running with guild members).

Note: these spaces will continue to be provided for your enjoyment, but due to sound issues in the home of Tevalaur & Kaibeth and the small size of our guild, they may frequently be empty.


Currently we hold no special events due to our small size. We're discussing a time for "Fishing Fridays" in rotating zones to help with fishing achievements.

We'd like to organize a few weekly group runs if we become larger and have some volunteers to lead a weekly Cyrodiil group and a weekly dungeon or trial run.

The New Guild Hall:

May 26, 2020 celebrated the Grand Opening of our newer guild hall: The Grotto!

We arranged for a banker and a merchant to provide basic services for our guild members onboard the ship upon which you arrive. Ezabi the Banker likes to hang out on the banister near the ship's wheel (the entrance/exit of the Colossal Aldmeri Grotto home) while Nuzhimeh the Merchant is on the top deck.


Beyond the archway beside Nuzhimeh are our alchemy & enchanting tables and a full galley (with a grill-style provisioning station) belowdecks.


While belowdecks you may also spot a smuggler (fence) who wanders belowdecks, but she charges 35% and is only accessible upon completion of the Thieves Guild storyline.

Deboarding the ship but then turning right (away from the old stone structures) and heading past the greenhouse toward the windmill & outer beaches leads to a pier where a Mournful Aegis target dummy has been spotted.


From here a short swim across the bay to the other side's beach (or an even shorter jump off that side of the ship instead of deboarding via the gangway) takes you to the guild's new base camp (known as "Terrapin Station"), which includes a Transmute Station amid themed boardwalks that hold all of the game's craftable set tables.


After any work you may want to accomplish, there's a reading & gaming area with some music boxes to provide a social spot halfway up the old stone stairs. Continuing to climb leads to Azurah's statue where we also hope to add a few mundus stones.


When ready for some rest, there's also a relaxing fountain and some sleeping accomodations on the ruins of an old ship that somehow is nestled atop the waterfall.


On your way out don't miss interacting with Cadwell's portal! (located on the stone balcony near the skyshards)

Note: The previous guild hall, Hunding's Palatial Hall (described below), will remain available to guild members but will no longer be the guild leader's primary residence so will require an addon such as Port to Friend's House should you wish to visit.

The Old Guild Hall

& other in-game Resources available to Guild Members:

Our previous guild hall also remains open. Join us there by traveling through an addon such as Port to Friend's House or from a keybind such as is available within Teva's Basic Tricks to @sunshine-daydream.us's Hunding's Palatial Hall (note this is no longer her primary residence).

We arranged for a banker and a merchant to provide basic services from our courtyard. There's also a fence in the guild hall, but she charges 35% and is only accessible upon completion of the Thieves Guild storyline.

Within the main structure you will find a comfortable social space which will continue to develop slowly over time. Pop in occasionally to spot the changes. Landscapers were hired to plant flowering trees & shrubs, and outdoor sitting areas were developed overlooking the beach & ship in the distance.

Also, if you wish to quickly test your fighting prowess, a target skeleton has been resurrected where he first died following a fall, on the beach behind the tower. For more advanced tests, a variety of training dummies can be found in the Elinhir Private Arena, which is the primary residence of @Arena.SD. Fear not when you destroy these as each will return again from an endless supply of soul gems.

All guild members also have access to the @FranklinsTower's Observatory Prior.

Crafting Resources:

For several years @AttunedGarden's hosted our Gorinir Crafting Garden. However, the home ran out of space with Greymoor... Thus, we formed a new Crafting Area on themed boardwalks at @sunshine-daydream.us's Terrapin Station Grotto. It is reachable via the guild roster's "Visit Primary Residence" feature.

Stamina Pier

Stamina Pier

Magicka Pier

Magicka Pier

Banner Marking Healer Sets

Tank Sets Banner &
Balanced Sets Banner

Healer Sets Tank and Balanced Sets

May 26, 2020 celebrated the Grand Opening of The Grotto!

You can still visit @AttunedGarden's primary residence, by right-clicking this member in the guild roster, to access our Gorinir Crafting Garden.

There, the crafting tables necessary to make any of the sets recommended in Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Crafted Sets are in the Crafting Pods. The other sets from expansions and DLCs are placed at the edge of the garden (can be used in our garden without owning the corresponding DLC). Additional sets from the base game zones are on the platforms up the stairs at the rear right.

Guild Crafter:

Tevalaur, author of Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Crafting, is a master crafter with all traits researched and knowing a wide array of motif styles.

If you acquire recipes, plans, motifs or mats that your character does not need, please consider sending them to her @sunshine-daydream.us or share such things through the guild bank.

If you have a new character and wish to receive crafted items, she will happily see what she can provide (likely to be blue-quality set pieces in a basic motif unless you provide improvement mats and/or style gems). If you have an established character, please supply all necessary materials.

Questions? Want to join? Contact us in the game!
Send a message to Tevalaur (@sunshine-daydream.us) or Kaibeth (@Kaibeth)

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