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Guide to the Mages Guild

PDF available here Style Key & Glossary

Any player can join the Mages Guild by speaking with the Magister in their home alliance's Mages Guild Hall in Vulkhel Guard (Auridon AD), Daggerfall (Glenumbra DC), or Davon's Watch (Stonefalls EP). Joining the Mages Guild provides access to a storyline, daily quests, and a skill line.

Storyline Quests

Dailies: Recover Relics

It should be noted that values shown below reflect the ability and/or morph once it is fully trained which sometimes differs from earlier costs, durations, or damage values. All costs and damage values here are without attribute points placed, without equipment, without passive skills acquired or active skills slotted and without champion points spent to make it easier to compare skills regardless of gear/build differences.

Since Mundus buffs can be changed but not removed, either no mundus buff was in place (template character on PTS) or the Lover mundus (which only alters penetration) was used.

Remember that if a skill costs Magicka, it scales with your maximum Magicka (and Spell Damage) while if a skill costs Stamina, it scales with your maximum Stamina (and Weapon Damage). Ultimate abilities and Synergies scale with the combination that provides you with the best offensive stats.

Mages Guild Skill Line

Mages Guild levels are gained by reading the purple-glowing lorebooks found scattered across Tamriel

Required Skill Level Skill Name Benefit Cost

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